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Hyasynth is a Montreal, Canada based biotechnology company that produces natural and engineered products through microbial fermentation.

It was founded in 2014 to satisfy a growing demand for cannabinoids by the pharmaceutical and consumer markets.

Hyasynth is expanding its research and development team to accelerate production and scaling of its proprietary processes.

If you are interested in working at the cutting edge of synthetic biology and applying and developing skills as part of a dynamic and passionate team, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your resume and application to the website below.

Job Description

Hyasynth is hiring an HPLC Specialist to continue supporting its growing scientific team. As an HPLC Specialist you will join a team working on chemical analysis for strain design, enzyme engineering, and fermentation. You will work alongside the existing team in a highly collaborative environment.

We’re looking for a specialist with a proven track record in HPLC analysis, ideally in collaboration with biology or biochemistry teams. The candidate will have strong communication skills, a demonstrated ability to manage very busy workflows, and resilience in their problem solving abilities.

As an HPLC Specialist, you will focus on preparation and analysis of complex biological samples, maintenance of analytical equipment, and collaboration with the biological engineering team which involves:

  • Preparation of standard solutions.
  • Sample preparation including liquid-liquid extractions.
  • Sample analysis using liquid chromatography (LC-UV, LC-RI and LC-MS/MS).
  • Sample analysis using colourimetric or fluorometric assays.
  • Data handling and report preparation.
  • Quality Control, Quality Assurance.
  • Instrument maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Inventory of analytical chemistry consumables.
  • Archiving high quantities of samples.

You will also:

  • Write SOPs and technical documents as needed.


Essential skills we’re looking for in candidates:

  • Recent Bachelor’s or Master's degree in chemistry or similar field,
  • Experience with HPLC analyses and HPLC maintenance/ troubleshooting,
  • Well organized (clear lab book, clean bench, etc),
  • Proven experience in writing SOP’s and technical documents,
  • Relevant computer skills (Particularly in Excel, etc),
  • Strong English skills.

We prefer that a candidate has experience in some or all of the these additional areas:

  • Experience with MS systems preferred,
  • Master’s degree in analytical or physical chemistry,
  • Prior experience in an industry environment,
  • Familiarity with Waters Masslynx software or Thermo Chromeleon,
  • Experience with analytical method validation (robustness, specificity, linearity, range, detection limit, quantitation limit, precision, etc.),
  • Experience with analysis of complex biological samples.

Location: (Downtown) Montréal, QC, H2X1Y4

Starting date: As soon as possible.

Status: Full Time.

Pay rate: Commensurate with candidate's experience

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La version française.

Spécialist(e) HPLC

La société

Hyasynth est une startup montréalaise spécialisée dans la biosynthèse de produits naturels à partir de micro-organismes modifiés. Hyasynth fut lancée en 2014 par une équipe de scientifiques passionnés venant de labos de biochimie, ingénierie du métabolisme et conception d’enzyme.

Ayant complété des étapes clés dans la biosynthèse des cannabinoïdes, Hyasynth Bio agrandit son équipe scientifique pour accélérer le développement de ses souches de levures.

Rejoignez un environnement stimulant où appliquer vos compétences, étendre vos connaissances scientifiques et être à la fine pointe de la biologie synthétique. Envoyez votre candidature pour rejoindre une biotech en croissance!

Description du poste

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Adresse : (centre ville) Montréal, QC, H2X1Y4

Date de début : Dès que possible.

Statut : Temps complet.

Salaire : Selon l’expérience du candidat